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Status of KCPA's Reward Program as of 15-September-2010

Unfortunately, since June 30th, 2010, KCPA's $100 Reward Program has been suspended due to a court order. The case that resulted in this order was brought by the Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC) and the Missouri Attorney General's Office in an effort to prevent anyone from sharing useful information about apartments unless they have first obtained permission from the state. Even though the evidence at trial showed that the information we provide is not only truthful and harmless, but actually is incredibly helpful to people like you who need help finding a great place to live in Kansas City, the MREC has now spent 5+ years and countless dollars in its effort to keep us from helping you in the same way we have since 2001. Unfortunately, the trial court in this case issued a judgment which states in part:

That KCPA is restrained and enjoined from paying a reward or incentive to tenants who notify property owners they were directed to the property through KCPA's services, which would violate Section 339.100.2(13) if performed by a licensed real estate broker

As a result we are strictly prohibited from offering the exact same rewards prominently featured on the websites of our competitors, such as RENT.COM and APARTMENTSEARCH.COM. Ironically, even the real estate agent who prompted the MREC to take action against KCPA also offers incentives and rewards. While we noted the presence of these other reward programs, the MREC first claimed ignorance of these sites and has since demonstrated no interest in subjecting them to the same treatment as KCPA. We have continued to provide our high-quality services and we hope that people like you will continue to take advantage of them as we continue our legal battle, first to fulfill the Missouri Constitution’s promise that all Missourians will be free “to say, write or publish, or otherwise communicate whatever he will on any subject, no matter by what means communicated,” but also to be free to offer you the same rewards currently offered by others. If we eventually succeed, as we are confident we will, we might even one day be able to offer an even larger inducement and advertise it via a national television campaign. For the time being, however, the MREC persists in its efforts to destroy our 100% locally owned and operated business— even though none of our customers, property owners, or managers have complained to the MREC about our services—while allowing out-of-state businesses to provide almost identical services.

Here at KCPA we are not real estate agents. We have never pretended to be, and you, our customers, have never asked us to be. We, our customers, and the properties we work with are very pleased with the business model that KCPA has always maintained, and even though our resources are dwindling as a result of the trial court’s order, we are doing everything we can to keep serving those who need help finding apartments in the Kansas City area. KCPA is currently appealing a circuit court's ruling to the Missouri Supreme Court. The case number is SC91125 and can be tracked on Missouri Case.Net. If you believe that we should be permitted to continue serving you, or if you are simply passionate about the right to free speech, please follow the progress of our case—and tell your friends about the injustice being done.

In the meantime, KCPA's Owners and Rental Advisors sincerely apologize if your $100 Reward has become entangled in this bureaucratic hypocrisy -- we know many of you had the option of using other reward programs and may have had plans for the money. As a business built on our customer service, we are devastated that the courts and the MREC will not allow us to honor those commitments. Unfortunately, our hands are tied as the MREC has threatened both civil and criminal penalties ($25,000 fines and jail time) for simply honoring our commitments which existed before the current court order was even in place. We have maintained a list of rewards we owe, and will expedite them when we have won our legal battle.

Because the MREC has been threatening further action against us over references to the $100 reward program that we have unwittingly failed to remove from this website, we would like to make clear that the information on this page supersedes all other "KCPA $100 Reward" text, graphics, and/or emails. We hope this clarification will convince the MREC to leave us in peace until the Missouri Supreme Court vindicates our constitutional rights.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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* Citizens of Missouri and persons moving to the State of Missouri are not elligible to participate in the KCPA $100 Reward Program.
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