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Fee's and Credit's Advertising Policy

When a Renter is secured through Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc. ("KCPA") and finalizes a lease with a property owner, management company or manager ("Lessor") listed and in agreement with KCPA the Lessor must pay KCPA a "Advertising Fee". The "Advertising Fee" for the Lessor when a property is successfully leased through the Apartment Locator Service, either using a Rental advisor or through a registered Renter’s own search, is 65% percent of the first month’s rent once a lease is signed or a move-in date is set.

Invoices are issued within one (1) week of Renter lease confirmation or the move-in date, whichever is the later. The Lessor has thirty (30) days from the Renter’s move-in date or lease confirmation date, whichever is greater, to pay fees in full. Late fees and additional interest penalties may be assessed for payments received after the 30 days within the limits of the law.

All advertising fees are performance based. We offer the following services to potential Renters that may result in a Performance Fee of 65% percent of the first month’s rent for registered Lessors:

Apartment Locator Services:

Our Apartment Locator Service offers clients personalized assistance to find suitable rentals. Through this service, your property will receive direct marketing by our Rental Advisors who offer a hands-on approach to marketing properties listed through KCPA.

Rental Advisors:

  • Typically conduct a 30-minute interview with prospective renters to determine their rental needs, desires and unique circumstances. During the interview, the Rental Advisor will verbally pre-qualify the renter for credit, past rental history and financial ability. This is subject to the renter’s cooperation. The Rental Advisor will also find out their exact needs and wants and also obtain valuable information such as the need for pet accommodations and more.
  • Once the interview is complete, Rental Advisors work directly with prospective renters to find the best rental properties available in KCPA’s listings to meet the renter's unique needs.
  • Our Rental Advisors draw on their extensive knowledge of Kansas City living to help locate the best properties for their prospective renters.
  • Our Rental Advisors also work directly with major corporations moving renters into the Kansas City area. Please contact us directly for a list of our participating companies.
  • Rental advisors are available for use by any KCPA registered Renter. Renters are, however, free to also register and use our web site to locate their own apartment. Renters can at any time request assistance from a Rental advisor.

Property Listings

  • All properties wishing to be listed on the KCPA web site with their own unique online brochure must register with KCPA.
  • Properties with 30 units or more must register with KCPA as a Large Property. Those with less than 30 units, must register as a Private Property. Locations comprised of multiple single-family dwellings, such as houses and condos, are considered Private Properties and must register accordingly regardless of the number of individual units
  • Lessors agree to compensate KCPA in accordance with contract terms for registering properties and for communicating with the company. A professional photography service is available for all properties, regardless of number of units, for a fee of $195.00, which under certain circumstances is waived by KCPA.

The Listing Process

  • To begin advertising with KCPA, all a potential Lessor needs to do is contact KCPA either at info@kcpremierapts.com or by calling 1-866-568-1189.
  • All Lessors can expect personalized service from KCPA. We work directly with Lessors to ensure satisfaction with their online brochures. The Lessor, however, is responsible for contacting KCPA directly to make sure all listing information is properly input and displayed. KCPA is not responsible for typographical or factual errors listed in Lessors’ online brochures.
  • The Lessor agrees to compensate KCPA in accordance with the terms of their contract for registering properties and for communicating with KCPA during the course of their contract. Fees are assessed when a lease is reported to KCPA by the Renter. Arrangements must be made to pay these fees, either by check or credit card within accordance of the contract.
  • There is no setup fee per property. Properties will be invoiced for the amount due upon the close of the lease.

Performance Fees:

Performance Fees are charged to Lessors regardless of the individual property size. The Performance Fee is a per lease fee. For example, KCPA charges a Performance Fee of 65% percent of the first month’s rent for each lease finalized through the use of its services.

The following describes criteria for a successful lease subject to a Advertising Fee. The Renter registered with KCPA’s web site and:

  • The Renter returned to KCPA, sourced us at the property and reported a lease, and/or..
  • The Renter moves into the property.

Referral Verification

  • Before charging a Lessor a Advertising Fee, KCPA verifies the Renter’s use of its services in the process of securing a lease. When a Renter registered with KCPA fills out a Lessor’s guest card, gives a verbal reference or mentions KCPA on his or her lease, this constitutes a valid referral for the purposes of charging a Performance Fee to the property. Lessors must accept variations on Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.’s name, including, but not limited to, KCPA, Kansas City Apartments, KC Apartments, Kansas City Premier, Premier and so on. KCPA will, upon request, provide proof of a Renter’s registration and date of viewing.
  • Should a dispute arise over KCPA’s involvement in a successful lease, the Renter will be asked to complete a statement that lists their referral source. Lessors that utilize KCPA’s services will be asked to abide by this statement if KCPA is listed as the referral source by the Renter.
  • KCPA will do everything within its ability to quickly resolve any disputes involving a lease.

Other Considerations:

  • KCPA's main goal is to help its Lessors successfully market their properties. To further encourage our renters to become our Lessors’ renters, we offer a Renter Appreciation Reward, and sometimes other incentives, for the Renter upon successful signing of a lease with one of our Lessors.
  • Incentives are made available only to those Renters who lease through a KCPA Lessor and then notify KCPA of the successful completion of the leasing process.
  • Renters should view the rules and regulations for KCPA’s current promotion(s) to find out if they qualify and also view the Reward Conditions Policy.
  • All of KCPA’s services are provided free of charge to Renters. This includes both apartment and roommate searches through KCPA. To begin their search, Renters need only create an account on our web site.


KCPA reserves the right to change its fees for services at any time with a 30-day posted notice on the www.kcpremierapts.com web site. However, KCPA may choose to temporarily change its Fees and Credits Policy and the fees for services provided for promotional events. Such changes are effective when KCPA posts the temporary promotional event on its web site. KCPA retains the sole discretionary right to change some or all of its services at any time. In the event KCPA introduces a new service, the fees for that service are effective at launch time. Unless otherwise noted, all fees are in U.S. dollars. Users are responsible for paying fees associated with using KCPA’s service and with using KCPA’s web site and for all applicable taxes.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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Disclaimer: KCPA is an advertising service and assumes no responsibility for errors and omissions nor for the properties represented.
* Citizens of Missouri and persons moving to the State of Missouri are not elligible to participate in the KCPA $100 Reward Program.
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