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Kansas City Real Estate and Rentals - A Partnership Between Two Kansas City Leaders

Kansas City Premier Apartments is excited to announce a partnership with The Urban Living Center. The alliance will offer assistance to renters through Kansas City Premier Apartments and home buyers through The Urban Living Center in locating the best real estate properties and take advantage of all that Kansas City has to offer. From the most popular social scenes to the quaint suburban hideouts, together they can handle any Kansas City real estate or rental need.

The Urban Living Center, located at 1705 Baltimore, is the pulse of Kansas City’s real estate community, sharing a wealth of expert knowledge, valuable information and resources to prospective clients. The center specializes in target areas and provides potential clients with information specific to the housing market, developments, and housing styles within any given location in Kansas City. If it is an expert Kansas City real estate agent you seek – then look no further. More...

Kansas City Premier Apartments, incorporated in 2003, specializes solely in the needs and preferences of renters. They focus on the renter and the needs of the renter only. Sponsored by the actual landlords and owners, they are leading the charge on the performance based advertising market here in Kansas City. More...

Kansas City Premier Apartments is looking forward to collaborating with The Urban Living Center in a successful partnership to better serve renters as well as buyers. Together we can bring renters and buyers the most comprehensive service Kansas City has to offer. After all, it’s all about locating that perfect piece of real estate or rental property.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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