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Kansas City Premier Apartments wins 2nd place

Debbie Haukenberry from the Kansas City Apartment Association (AAKC) simply said "carnival theme" and the ideas starting flowing. What a fun concept! An apartment trade show modeled after the theme of a carnival! The challenge was on.

After a week of toiling over what to do and surfing the internet endlessly, the perfect option became to find the best, most well known and respected tarot card reader and palmist. I was going to offer Psychics!

Starting on my quest, I called Aquarius first and within minutes I had a list of tarot card readers, psychics and palmists. I called each of them, as fast as I could, (I had limited time at that point from all the toiling) and found Aizlynn Firehawk who was one of the highest recommended tarot readers. She informed me that they were having a psychic fair at Aquarius that following weekend and we agreed that I should come by and meet her. After all, she would be representing Kansas City Premier Apartments! As a result, I found Rowan, our extremely talented Palmist who drove all the way from St. Joseph, Missouri! Thanks Rowan!!

So now the booth design. After all that internet surfing, I had a plethora of ideas. I had a pretty good clue of what and where I wanted to go with the whole theme, so after another week of painting, sign making and organization it was time to - just to wait for the show.

I arrived at the Ritz Charles in Overland Park -- where the Kansas City Apartment Association holds most of it's events, including Crystal Merit. I was confident our ideas was original, little did I know... our competition had the exact same idea! Let the competition begin! After several ill fated attempts to solicit our waiting patrons away, Kansas City Premier Apartments proved to be the best, by winning 2nd place booth award! 1st place went to Epic Landscaping -- not one of our competitors. Maybe next year our competitors should bring their $100.00 used furniture coupons to solicit our people away!

While the concept came late, it proved to be a hit in the end. Our thanks to the talents of Aizlynn Firehawk and Rowan who proved to be stunning entertainment at our booth, as well as the Apartment Association of Kansas City for recognizing our booth amongst all of the great booths.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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