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It's FAST - Both Human Resources and Relocation professionals can find available Kansas City apartment units within minutes. We track over 100,000 Kansas City apartments and over 1,000 corporate and furnished units. You are guaranteed to save time and find an available Kansas City apartment home that meets your needs within minutes of contacting us!

It's FREE - You have options. Our Kansas City apartment search service is free to you and your employees and we don't stop looking until their satisfied. We "Sell Kansas City" to candidates who are in the interview process and need an understanding housing options before they accept the position. Combined with our unique free Kansas City apartment tour service, this will ensure that they see neighborhoods and property they like, and get the full impression of what Kansas City has to offer.

It's EASY - Your employees have access to their personalized Kansas City apartment search within hours or even minutes of talking with us! For HR and Relocation pros, we have elected to take the next step and make all of your employee’s information available to you via fax, email or instant chat, this will ensure that your employees' needs are being met!

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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