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We Find Corporate Housing for Insurance Adjusters in Kansas City, Kansas City Plaza, North Kansas City and More

We understand that horrible unexpected events happen and as insurance adjusters, we understand that putting back together someone's life with ease is your primary concern. Our insurance temporary services are designed to help ease the situation by offering fast, reasonable housing options, which allow you to focus more on clients needs, while we handle the particulars on the move.

Let us handle your insured's Kansas City rental needs, while you concentrate on getting your insured back on track.

Insurance professionals know that there is a whole lot more to moving a family in crisis than just packing boxes. The anxiety caused by unexpected forces put most families in hardships they are unable to comprehend let alone handle. It is the goal of Kansas City Premier Apartments to find and provide Kansas City Rental options along with the supporting insurance adjuster. We find temporary home solutions that will provide a location, atmosphere and style that will ease any family in the uncertain time of unwanted transition. Let us help ease your burden and find perfect Kansas City apartment home for your insured the first time.

Explanation of Kansas City Corporate Housing Solutions

Corporate Housing

Corporate Housing consists of one easy payment to a third party corporate provider who takes care of every need you may have for your clients.

  • Amenities: They provide housekeeping services and other amenities that the other cost saving solutions offer.
  • Pricing: Each provider will have different prices, as each apartment community they offer corporate housing options at will be divided up into different quality standards.
  • Term of Stay: Corporate apartments provided through corporate housing have generally monthly minimums, however at select times can offer weekly rentals.
  • Benefits: One bill and excellent add on services.

Apartment Rental

Another option is renting an apartment and locating the best furniture rental provider. We are able to assist directly with this option by locating the apartment rental (2 months and above) and assisting with your furniture rental by selecting the best furniture that fits your needs. You will also be responsible for setting up utilities for your short term stay.

  • Amenities: Your client will be able to enjoy all of the amenities onsite with no additional costs.
  • Pricing: Each community will offer different prices, as each apartment community will fall into different quality standards and be located in a different area of Kansas City.
  • Term of Stay: Generally 3 months is the minimum for leasing an apartment. There are exceptions depending on area.
  • Benefits: Extremely low cost option

Corporate On-site

Getting a corporate on-site means that the property will set up the corporate apartment for you and this will eliminate the additional costs associated with a corporate housing provider.

  • Amenities: They can provide housekeeping services and other amenities that the other cost saving solutions offer, at an additional rate. All on-site facilities are free.
  • Pricing: Each Corporate On-site will have different prices, as each apartment community offers different housing options. Apartment community pricing will be relative and is generally divided up into different quality standards and locations.
  • Term of Stay: The term of stay will vary depending on availability, although generally never under a 2 month term.
  • Benefits: A great plan for those price conscious, yet do not want all the trouble of implementing corporate housing.

Just think, we shop all the Kansas City Corporate housing options in one shot!

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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