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The Work Shouldn’t Stop When The Lease Is Signed - Kansas City Apartment and Rental Advice for Apartment Owners and Managers

Closing a lease isn’t the time to celebrate a job well done. Rather, this is precisely when the sales work is just beginning. Now’s the time to ensure your new Kansas City renter feels welcomed and comfortable in their new Kansas City rental apartment or home. Doing so can turn the relationship into a long-term rental.

One of the most critical times following lease finalization to help establish a good working relationship with new residents is during the actual move in itself. Help make the experience a good one, and you’ve gone a long way toward ensuring a successful relationship ... more.

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Top Tips for Retaining Residents - Kansas City Apartment and Rental advice for Apartment Owners and Managers

Whether competition on the Kansas City rental market is fierce or not, taking extra steps to retain residents is just plain smart. Why spend time and energy always trying to look for new Kansas City residents when a few easy steps can help you keep the ones you have? It just doesn’t make sense!

Making residents feel at home and appreciated can mean the difference between a lease renewal or a moving notice. Try these things to help you retain the residents you have: ... more.

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Getting More Out of Your Time - Kansas City Apartment and Rental Advice for Apartment Owners and Managers

There are only 1,440 minutes in a day. That’s not a lot when you think about how much needs to be done. But, there are ways to make those minutes count and techniques you can put into play that can really shave time off everyday activities for the busy Kansas City apartment manager or private Kansas City property owner. ... more.

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To Allow Pets in Your Kansas City Apartment or Rental Home or Not Is a Serious Decision - Kansas City Apartment and Rental advice for owners

Kansas City Property owners and managers who have years of experience in the field know the importance of setting policies and sticking to them. From deposit policies to credit check guidelines, there’s a basic need to remain rigid. If a rule is made and then broken for one resident, all residents will rightfully expect the same courtesy. The exception to the rule rule, however, comes in when pets are mentioned. ... more.

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Market Extra Rooms To Show Off Their Potential to Kansas City Apartment Renters.

Most Kansas City apartment renters know that a room is anything they make it. A dining room can easily double for a home office. An extra bedroom can quickly transform into a library. It’s all in the resident’s imagination and the placement of furniture. Smart leasing agents in the Kansas City apartment industry know this, too, and they know how to capitalize on it.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to marketing available Kansas City apartment and rental units can mean the difference between a closed leased and a unit that sits vacant. Enable potential residents to “see” ... more.

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Make Your Kansas City Apartment and Rental Models Appeal To Potential Tenants.

No matter how hard you try to sell your rentals by treating potential residents with a warm and welcoming manner, if your model units are not appealing, you’re not likely to be successful in closing a lease. Models that give off an outdated feel and don’t send the right message to potential residents, can ensure deals that don’t close. Putting a few modernized decorating techniques into play, however, can turn the tides in your favor and ensure that potential residents turn into renters. ... more.

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