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Converting Kansas City Apartment inquiry calls to sales

Personalized, friendly service can go a long way toward turning telephone calls into actual leases. In fact, when the right telephone skills are used, the chances for success are increased greatly.

There are ways to maximize the potential to convert phone calls to sales. They include:

  • Be conversational and friendly. Turn even the most routine questions, such as number of occupants and date of need into friendly inquiries instead of brisk questions. Project genuine interest in your callers and your rentals and their features will stand out to callers.
  • Take care when using the hold button. It’s a fact the hold button on a phone will have to be used from time to time in a leasing office. Make sure not to lose potential clients when using this feature by asking permission to place a caller on hold and checking back frequently. If the need to place a caller on hold exceeds a reasonable timeframe, ask the caller if he or she would like to continue to hold or if they would prefer a return call. Don’t forget to thank the caller for holding, and do be prompt about getting back to them
  • Be descriptive to sell. Giving information about a property isn’t enough. Sell the lease by providing clear details to give a caller a picture in their head. If discussing the swimming pool, for example, talk up its qualities. Rather than just say the property has a pool, say it like it is. “We have a beautiful Olympic-sized pool with covered seating areas and a Jacuzzi attached.”
  • Functionality over figures. Square footage doesn’t tell a caller a whole lot about a property, but features and benefits of units does. Take the time to describe individual rooms and how furniture can be placed and so on. Point out any unique features such as designer cabinets, tile and so on.
  • Don’t mention price before the right time. Try to redirect the conversation away from price until you have a chance to describe the property. If a caller asks for rental prices right away, try to take control of the discussion by asking a question about their intended move date, how many rooms they need or so on.
  • Get the caller involved. Don’t be happy just to describe the property to the caller. Be proactive during calls. Offer to send them floor plans, brochures or other descriptive materials. Schedule a tour. Get the caller involved in the property.

Even a simple inquiry call can turn into a successful lease if the right techniques are used. Be friendly, courteous and do talk about the benefits and perks of the apartment home and community. By using effective phone skills, it’s very possible to convert a call into a sale.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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