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Converting Kansas City Apartment inquiry calls to sales

Personalized, friendly service can go a long way toward turning telephone calls into actual leases. In fact, when the right telephone skills are used, the chances for success are increased greatly.

There are ways to maximize the potential to convert phone calls to sales. They include: ... more.

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Leasing Superstars Have Similar Traits - Kansas City Apartment and Rental advice for apartment owners and managers

What is it that separates the best leasing agents from those that just scrape by? Oftentimes, it’s nothing more than dedication to the job and a willingness to succeed. Projecting the right attitude and making the right move at the right time are vital as is an ability to make potential tenants feel comfortable and appreciated.

There are ways for any leasing agent to capitalize on their chances for success. Here are five of the top traits some of the best leasing agents possess. Put these measures to work for you: ... more.

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Knowledge of your Kansas City Community is Key in Making a Leasing Team Successful.

To be successful, leasing teams must know their rental properties inside out and backwards. This means they must understand the units, the amenities, the pricing and the rules and be able to sell those features to potential tenants. But there’s more than just this involved if a good leasing team wants to become a phenomenally successful one. ... more.

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Top tips for retaining tenants - Kansas City Apartment and Rental advice for apartment owners and managers

Whether competition on the rental market is fierce or not, taking extra steps to retain residents is just plain smart. Why spend time and energy always trying to look for new residents when a few easy steps can help you keep the ones you have? It just doesn’t make sense! ... more.

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