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Kansas City Premier Apartments does not only advertise apartments in Kansas City - we advertise houses, condos, lofts and duplexes too!

Whether you have one home to rent or several, handling single family house rentals can be a little tricky if you’re just getting started. Chances are you’re a private owner and not affiliated with a major corporation with a huge advertising budget. This might make your marketing strategy even more important, but if your product’s good and your price is reasonable, leasing a single-family house should be a snap. ... more.

Kansas City Premier Apartments - %%articlethumb%%
Kansas City Apartment Advertising - Information & expectations for Kansas City property owners.

Apartment locating/advertising and the way properties advertise has come a long way since I began in 1997. I can recall how uncertain our industry was about the internet was at the time, but I always felt that it could propel the industry forward and be "the new way to find an apartment." I spent the next 7 years perfecting, what I believe to be the best way to compliment and advertise a property through apartment locating. I started by consulting with clients seeking assistance through the internet and learning the how, why and what clients were seeking when ... more.

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