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Protecting Yourself Online During Your Search for the Perfect Kansas City Rental.

Most people who use online services like Kansas City Premier Apartments’ web site rave about the convenience they provide in helping them find a new rental home. From time to time, however, potential renters can run into problems during interactions with property owners or find themselves in situations they feel are suspicious online. Although our clients have never reported anything out of the ordinary, we want to provide you with ways to avoid these circumstances entirely. To help, we have put together this list of tips to help you protect yourself online during your quest for the perfect Kansas City rental. ... more.

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10 Mistakes First Time Renters Make - Kansas City Apartment Advice

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never rented an apartment in Kansas City or you’re going into your 50th lease, there are some common pitfalls that renters tend to find themselves falling into. To help make sure you avoid these pitfalls and ensure your search goes smoothly, watch out for these things while you look. If you do, you can help protect yourself and your family during the rental process and after you’ve made your new Kansas City rental your home. ... more.

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Pets are Worth the Extra Expense for Kansas City Renters

When your canine companion or your favorite feline friend are well behaved and are more like members of the family than pets, it’s hard to understand why a potential landlord might require extra money for them to live in your new rental. But, if you look at it from the landlord’s perspective, the reasons become much clearer. And while nothing will likely make it easier to fork over that extra cash, doing so is not only the right thing to do, it can protect you, your lease and your animal buddy. ... more.

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How Much Starting Capital Do I Need? - Be Sure You Have Enough Money When You are Ready to Rent an Apartment in Kansas City

This largely depends on the specials running at the time you decide to move to Kansas City. By working with a Rental Advisor through Kansas City Premier Apartments, your needs are matched with the property’s that best fit you. If move in money is a concern, contact us for the latest deals or... ... more.

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Protect Yourself, Buy Kansas City Renter’s Insurance

Making ends meet can be hard enough, so why add more expenses to the mix? When it comes to Kansas City renter’s insurance for the apartment or home renter, the answer is, or at least should be, a no-brainer.
Insurance for Kansas City renters offers a level of protection that can pay for itself tenfold in the case of an emergency. Consider that your apartment generally houses all your worldly possessions and the importance to protect yourself should become more evident. ... more.

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Shopping for Car Insurance in Kansas City – Consider It When Apartment Hunting in Kansas City

If the world were perfect, money would grow on trees and it would never be a consideration. Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect. If money’s an issue and saving it is a top priority for you, it’s a very good idea to start shopping for a good car insurance policy before you settle on a new apartment home here in Kansas City. After all, who doesn’t like to save a little money? ... more.

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What Kind of Internet Services are Available in Kansas City? Highspeed Internet, Dial-Up Internet

If you’re one of those people who practically live at your computer, choosing the right ISP company is probably on the top of your list when it comes to moving. If you’re not, the decision can be a little confusing because of all the options out there. From small, local companies that provide internet access to huge conglomerates, the choices in ISP companies can be stagger. ... more.

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Kansas City Phone service - is traditional phone service dead?

If you’re getting ready to settle into your new Kansas City apartment home and you’re in a quandary over what to do about your Kansas City phone service, you’re not alone. More and more these days, people are turning to alternative methods of staying in touch. It almost seems that with the advent of cellular telephones, the Internet, pagers and even two-way talk phones, the need for an old fashioned landline is gone. Heck, you don’t even need a landline for computers any more with cable and IP phones and cellular Internet access. ... more.

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Television Options - Kansas City Cable Companies VS. Satellite Television Providers

Living in an apartment can be one of the most fantastic decisions a person can make, especially those just starting out or those who prefer not to have the hassles of maintenance looming over their heads. With some personalized touches, any apartment can become a real “home” for its residents without the headaches of owning. But what about freedom, like the freedom to choose your own type of television service? Can you have your cake and eat it, too? Is satellite TV an option in an apartment? For most apartment dwellers, the answers are yes. ... more.

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Getting Rid Of Debt For Good - Kansas City Apartment and Rental Advice

We’ve all been warned not to charge away our futures, but the temptation to burn a little plastic can be strong. Sometimes, it’s too strong for our own good. When the outgoing column on your bill ledger is higher than the incoming, it’s beyond time to look into debt consolidation or other means to tackle payments that are out of control. ... more.

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6 Reasons You Should Rent a House, Apartment or Loft in Kansas CIty.

While most people will readily admit they would like to eventually own a home, there are some great reasons to rent in the meantime. There are even some advantages to renting over buying in Kansas City. Let’s explore the Top 6 reasons renting is great! ... more.

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Students and Housing Advice & Tips in Kansas City.

College students moving to Kansas City often find themselves in need of a place to call home when their campus housing isn’t an option. If you’re one such student moving to Kansas City, there are things you can do to ensure your off-campus rental is great. Services such as Kansas City Premier Apartment’s web site are fantastic for helping you find just what you’re looking for. But, it’s up to you to be certain you’ve followed a few steps to ensure your rental experience is a good one. ... more.

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Living In Vintage Spaces – Vintage Apartments and Lofts in Kansas City

Modern Kansas City apartments, condos and houses are ideal for some, but others prefer to live in places that have history. If you like the character, style and panache of older construction, you’re not alone. And, if you happen to be looking for a vintage apartment or home rental, the Kansas City metro area is the right place! ... more.

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Variety Is King: Kansas City Housing Options

If you’re looking for a Kansas City rental to call home in the Kansas City Metro area, you’re soon to find out the possibilities are almost endless. When it comes to a variety and choice for renters, Kansas City is the place to be. This is most definitely not a one-size-fits-all kind of town. ... more.

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