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Make your new apartment feel like home - Kansas City Apartment and Rental decorating advice

Whether you’re living on your own for the first time, or you’ve been doing it for years, there’s one thing about the prospect that holds true for almost everyone: it can get lonely. There are things you can do, however, to make your rental feel like home and take away from those feelings of loneliness.

Even the most seemingly simple of steps, can go a long way toward turning an apartment home into a personal sanctuary. Try changing your outlook and do things that make your rental “feel like home.” Even if it’s nothing more than bringing a photo from home, little touches can make a big difference and allow you a sense of ownership in your rental.

If loneliness is getting you down, remember:

  • To make your home truly your home by personalizing it. Make certain to include items that express who you are – your interests, beliefs and emotional feelings. Bring some items from your parents’ home or your former home, if possible, to help give your place the feeling of truly being “your place.”
  • Make your apartment home inviting so you’ll be more inclined to invite people over to visit. Your home doesn’t have to be a decorator’s showplace, but neat, clean and welcoming will more than suffice. A house is where you put your stuff; a home is where you live. This means it’s a place where friends and/or family gather and feel welcome.
  • Take cooking or wine classes to add to your personal touch when friends do visit. Making an apartment house a home often takes nothing more than making sure it’s a place friends and family want to frequent. If the hospitality’s great, friends will return.
  • Take care of business. This is perhaps the hardest thing for a person who’s out on their own for the first time to get a handle of, but when the work’s done, the bills are paid and all business is taken care of, you’ll be more free to enjoy your new home. This will also give you peace of mine while making memories with friends and/or family to fill up your rental with “homey” memories.
  • Treat your home with respect. If you pick up after yourself and keep your home looking good, you’ll feel better about yourself and your home.
  • If you’re feeling really blue, get out and do something. Have fun, talk a walk, visit a store, get an ice cream. Do something to pick yourself up! You’ll be happy you did and you’ll be even happier to come home afterward.

Living alone has its ups and downs, but when you take little steps to turn your rental into your home, you can help combat the feeling of loneliness. Make your rental “your home” by creating an environment where you truly belong.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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