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The Kansas City Lounge - Discuss and learn about the Kansas City Apartment and Rental Market

We know that hunting for the ideal apartment is only half the fun. The real rush comes when the boxes are unpacked and the rooms begin to take on a life of their own, reflecting your style and personality. The fact of the matter is that whether your rental is a one-bedroom luxury apartment in Overland Park with a pool view or a cozy two-bedroom house near The Country Club Plaza, it’s nothing more than a rental until you move in and make it your own.

To help you plan while you’re looking and to assist you after you’ve moved in to your great Kansas City apartment, home or loft, we’ve assembled some great informational articles on subjects that can help you begin giving your new Kansas City home a personalized feel. With everything from gardening tips for urban dwellers to ideas on getting to know your new Kansas City neighborhood, you’ll find The Lounge is loaded with information just for you. We even have suggestions for handling finances, roommates, pets and more tips for the new Kansas City resident.

Living in an apartment, loft, condo or home here in Kansas City can be a rich and rewarding experience. The more you put into it, your neighborhood and community, the more you’ll get out of it. The Lounge is here to help you do just that and a whole lot more. Come on in and make yourself at home here in Kansas City!

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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