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Kansas City Nightlife Isn’t Midwestern Typical - Kansas City Bars and things to do.

If you think Kansas City goes to sleep when the sun goes down, think again. This Midwestern town is anything but typical with nightlife that’s jumping seven nights a week. Plus, with more venues opening all the time, the momentum for Kansas City’s nightlife doesn’t seem to be slowing a bit. ... more.

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Kansas City’s Outdoor Bars and Nightclubs Create Festive Atmosphere - Finding Fun Nightlife in Kansas City

When the snow melts and the air warms up, the last thing Kansas City folks want to do is spend spring and summer nights inside. Thanks to a bustling nightlife that’s loaded with outdoor fun, there’s no reason to. And, for those in a festive mood, Kansas City’s outdoor bars are perfect for celebrating while soaking up the fresh air in some of the city’s coolest spots. ... more.

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The Levee Bar & Grill in Kansas City

Nightlife in Kansas City takes center stage at The Levee, 16 West 43rd Street. Looking for live music? The Levee in Kansas City has it! Every week from Wednesday through Saturday, great local bands perform downstairs, performing everything from pop to rock to funk. ... more.

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Blonde in Kansas City Offers Swanky Atmosphere

Blonde in Kansas City is not your regular after work dive. Blonde is a classic spin on comfort. Each day from 4pm to 9pm, happy hour becomes sophisticated at Kansas City’s Blonde. Thursday through Sunday, Blonde in Kansas City turns up the volume with local DJ Mike Scott. Sundays are also a special night with the Abe Froman Showmen. ... more.

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