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Finding A New Bank in Kansas City – Making A Smart Move For Your Checking Account

There’s so much to do, so much to arrange. It seems like there’s hardly a moment that doesn’t involve tying up one loose end or another when you’re moving. Some projects must take priority, however. One of the top ones should always be handling your checking account. ... more.

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Getting to know Kansas City - Exploring Missouri and Kansas,

No matter where in the world you move, there are ways to help make your new residence feel more like home. After unpacking and getting your home adjusted, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and begin to make the community feel like “yours.” ... more.

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Finding a new job in Kansas City - Kansas City Apartment and Rental Advice

There’s no doubt about it. Looking for a new job in a city that’s not your home can be tough. It can also be a bit unnerving. But, there are ways to make the search go more smoothly. Whether you’ve already moved to a new city or you’re looking at the possibility of relocating after you’ve landed the perfect job, there are ways to approach the search. Those who have already laid roots in a new city might have a bit of an edge on some jobs, but that certainly doesn’t mean the out-of-towner should be counted out of the running. ... more.

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Finding A New Doctor When You Move to Kansas City - Kansas City Doctors

There is perhaps nothing more unnerving about moving than finding a new doctor. This is especially so if there are medical conditions that require care or children to consider. If you had a doctor before you trusted implicitly, the change can be even more difficult. Add to that dealing with health insurance policy changes if your job changed and the undertaking can be very stressful indeed. ... more.

Paint Kansas City By Numbers

We all know the song lyric, “Corny as Kansas in August.” And while we’re proud of our cities wholesome reputation, we want to remind you that Kansas City is living at its best. Check the rankings of “best places to…” and you’ll find Kansas City shines through on most lists ... more.

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