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Kansas City Renaissance Festival Transports Visitors Back In Time

Imagine walking along dusty 16th-century lanes lined with merchants of all sorts hawking their wares as the sweet sounds of the dulcimer play in the background. In the air wafts a mixture of mouth-watering smells, including roasting turkey legs, pastry and more. ... more.

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Kansas City Ballet Adds Style To Metro Area’s Cultural Scene

With a calendar packed full of performances, its own school and even a strong outreach effort, the Kansas City Ballet delivers style and grace to this Midwestern landscape. ... more.

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Kansas City’s Annual Events - Creating Kansas City Traditions

Creating a small-town feel in a metro area as large as Kansas City isn’t easy, but thanks to a whole host of annual events – both big and small – the prospect isn’t so daunting. Bringing residents together for all kinds of festivities, the annual events that dot Kansas City’s calendar help create an atmosphere that’s fun and lively for residents and visitors of all ages. ... more.

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First Fridays Bring The Kansas City Crossroads District Alive

Kansas City is known for its big and splashy annual events, but there’s a special monthly festival that brings out residents from all over the metro area for an evening of arts, dining and fun. For the past few years, the Crossroads Arts District in Kansas City has played host to First Fridays. Fast becoming a Kansas City favorite, "First Fridays" are when the art galleries of the Crossroads District stay open from 7 to 9 p.m. the first Friday of every month ... more.

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Kansas City Crossroads Business Directory - Experience The Arts and Nostalgia of The Crossroads Distrct

The Crossroads District is the heart of Kansas City’s arts scene. With a mix of galleries, stores, restaurants and more, it’s easy to see the lifeblood of the Crossroads District are the businesses that make it so special. The Crossroads District offers something for everyone, the businesses in the district cover everything from arts and clothing to furniture, bars, service providers and beyond. ... more.

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18th And Vine in Kansas City is Jamming Again

Back in the 1920s and 1930s, 18th and Vine in Kansas City was the place to be for jazz, blues and free flowing spirits. Today, the historic Kansas City district has been returned to some of its former glory with the creation of museums and the restoration of several famous stages. ... more.

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ComedyCity in Kansas City - An Improvisational Laugh Factory.

Tired of scripted comedy routines? Then get out and enjoy Kansas City’s premier improvisational laugh factory, ComedyCity. This group not only performs in their home base, they are willing to go the distance and travel just for you. ... more.

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