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Living Single In Kansas City - Dating in Kansas City

Whether you live alone by choice or you just haven’t found “the one” yet, Kansas City is a great place to lay down roots. With a big city atmosphere and a small town feel, Kansas City and its surrounding metropolitan area offer plenty of things to see and do while making residents feel right at home.

Pick practically almost any interest, and Kansas City has something to fit the bill. When it comes to hitting the town or getting out for some fresh air, few places can match Kansas City for activities just right for meeting people, or perfect for the single who likes it that way.

With more than 1.8 million people calling the greater Kansas City area home and a climate that’s considered mild by northern standards, Kansas City offers year-round activities both indoors and out.

More than 11 counties make up the metro area, so there’s always somewhere to go and something to see. Within Kansas City itself there are historic sites, architectural wonders and plenty of outdoor parks to roam and explore. Here’s a sampling of the many places to go if sightseeing is in order during your spare time:

  • Historic sites – Within Kansas City itself and on its outskirts as well there are literally hundreds of historic sites to visit. The area, a famous jumping off point for the westward trails, was visited by the likes of Jesse James and was home to a president and Walt Disney himself.
  • Parks – The Kansas City area is famous for its parks. From quaint city parks within Kansas City proper to sprawling wildlife preserves like Johnson County’s Shawnee Mission Park, there’s no reason to stay indoors when you call Kansas City home.
  • Museums – The Kansas City area is loaded with museums that celebrate the arts, history, science and more. Destinations such as the Shawnee Indian Mission, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of the Arts and specialty museums celebrating such things as baseball and steamships make the area a favorite for museum lovers.
  • Theme parks and more – The Kansas City area is home to a major metropolitan zoo, the Worlds of Fun theme park and many other major tourist attractions. Plus, there’s NASCAR, children’s parks and more just waiting to be explored alone or with friends.
  • Nightlife – Kansas City doesn’t shut down at 5. With an active club scene that ranges from Top 40 to jazz, Kansas City hops after the lights come on. Add live theater and fine dining to the bustling club scene and there’s no reason to go to bed early.

For those with a love for arts and culture, Kansas City will not disappoint. The cultural scene thrives in this area noted for its abundance of live theater, galleries and more. The city’s Crossroads District is home to numerous arts galleries while professional ballet, the Kansas City Symphony and other companies round out the artistic attractions.

Shopping and dining are not lost within this city by the river either. For those who love to shop until they drop, there are Country Club Plaza and Rivermarket with their unique boutiques and in Rivermarket’s case outdoor shopping as well. Add to the landscape a number of malls and other shops and Kansas City might just be a shopper’s paradise. On the dining front, barbecue may be king, but there are literally hundreds of other flavors in this city ranging from ethnic cuisine and high-end dining to plain old burgers and fries.

Now that you have an idea of the major attractions in Kansas City, what about the “little things” singles can get into? Once again, there’s no shortage. From civic activities to business and professional clubs, there are plenty of things going on to keep residents more than busy. Park programs abound as do hobby and special interest clubs. Check out local papers or web sites for more information on the daily activities taking place all over the Kansas City area. Clubs range from service organizations such as Rotary to specialty organizations for photography enthusiasts, newcomers clubs, mother’s organizations and more.

It may look large on paper, but Kansas City retains a lot of small town feel. Inasmuch, there is a way for anyone to get connected and feel at home in Kansas City. For folks who are looking to meet other singles, Kansas City has lots of options. From the club scene to churches and everything in between, there are plenty of ways to get out and meet new people.

Whether you’re living single in Kansas City by choice or you’re looking for the perfect someone, this city offers lots to do and see for those who are going it solo. And, with a big number of social clubs, nighttime activities and more to become involved in, there’s no shortage of ways to get out and meet new friends and make your ties to Kansas City strong and rewarding.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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