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Finding an ideal Kansas City rental can be difficult and even then when the right rent and the perfect floor plan are located, there’s more to consider. What about the neighborhood itself? Is it safe? How’s the traffic? What are the neighbors like? Does it fit my lifestyle?

These might not seem like important questions – especially if the price is right – but they will quickly become so after you move in. To make sure that good deal is really a smart one, too, ask these questions before signing on the dotted line:

  • Find out how the properties in the area are holding their values. If you’re working with a rental advisor, this will be easy. They can provide a lot of background information about different neighborhoods and communities in Kansas City to help you make informed choices
  • Consider the business environment. Are new Kansas City businesses moving to the area? How do existing businesses keep their property? Is the landscaping nice? Do they take care of their properties? Do the local Kansas City residents in the community shop in the area? If not, find out why.
  • Check into crime statistics. Do check several years’ history on the Kansas City neighborhood you have chosen. A single year’s information is perhaps worse than getting no information at all. Compare and see if crime’s gone up or down.

Above and beyond these things, it’s also a good idea to just drive around the Kansas City neighborhood and look with your own eyes. Do you feel comfortable? Is the area easy to navigate? Do you get a good feeling about the area? Do you feel safe driving in the area at night? How about walking?

Checking into a neighborhood here in Kansas City and getting to know the community can help you make sure a great deal is really a smart choice. It doesn’t do you any good to save a few dollars on rent only to be afraid to walk to your car at night. Be smart and take the time to check things out.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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