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Westport, Missouri and Brookside - Charming Areas to Live.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Westport is a small village just north of the Plaza. The history of this area runs deep and is kept alive by the Westport Historical Society. More than 100 years ago, Westport was home to pioneers looking to carve out the American West. Westport served as a jumping off point for those wanting to hit the trails and move onto to other destinations. While the fever for westward exploration struck some, others settled down in this little berg, which witnessed Kansas City’s growth around it in the coming years.Adding to its pioneering roots, Westport was also the site of a Civil War-era battle. Today, its historical past mingles with an array of modernized nightclubs and bars, live music and more to attract visitors to this village within the city.

Brookside/Waldo – Maintaining Identity In The Big City.

Brookside and Waldo are two neighborhoods located within Kansas City that maintain their own unique identities. Each has its own special draws despite their annexation into the greater Kansas City landscape. Brookside is home to a strong business association and one of the area’s oldest shopping centers. The Brookside shopping district was master-planned in the 1920s and today contains more than 70 shops, restaurants and offices. It also is home to its own residential neighborhoods, which dot the landscape along such Kansas City streets as Wornall Road, Westover, Baltimore Street and 75th Street. Waldo was annexed in 1909, but continues to maintain its own presence. It is roughly bound by Gregory Boulevard on the north and 91st Street on the South. Its east and west boundaries are Holmes Road and State Line Road, respectively.

All located within Kansas City proper, the neighborhoods that surround Country Club Plaza each add their own distinct charm to the city, working together to help make the extraordinary whole that is Kansas City. From the village of Westport to the neighborhoods of Brookside and Waldo, residents and visitors alike will find each location offers its own appeal while coming together to make Kansas City a spectacular place to live and work or simply visit.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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