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Kansas City Premier Apartments - Choosing the Perfect Kansas City Neighborhood for Your Lifestyle.

Finding an ideal Kansas City rental can be difficult and even then when the right rent and the perfect floor plan are located, there’s more to consider. What about the neighborhood itself? Is it safe? How’s the traffic? What are the neighbors like? Does it fit my lifestyle? ... more.

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Kansas City North - Living in the Kansas City Northland

When it comes to big city living, there are two types of people: Those who want to live in the thick of it; and those who prefer living just outside the hubbub. Kansas City North, the area north of the Missouri River, is located near the big city, but just far enough away to have its own pace.

Boasting idyllic small cities, each with their own blend of historical and present-day draws, Kansas City North offers all the benefits of big city life with few of the downfalls. The area that makes up Kansas City north includes the communities of ... more.

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Westport, Missouri and Brookside - Charming Areas to Live.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Westport is a small village just north of the Plaza. The history of this area runs deep and is kept alive by the Westport Historical Society. More than 100 years ago, Westport was home to pioneers looking to carve out the American West. Westport served as a jumping off point for those wanting to hit the trails and move onto to other destinations. While the fever for westward exploration struck some, others settled down in this little berg, which witnessed Kansas City’s growth around it in the coming years.Adding to its pioneering roots, Westport ... more.

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Kansas City Country Club Plaza - Living in The Plaza is a Style All of it's Own.

The simple answer is its amenities. The places to work, the things to do and see and the infrastructure that make a city tick all come together to make an ordinary community extraordinary. But, to truly stand out from the pack, a city that strives for excellence must have heart. This means its neighborhoods must be distinct, close-knit and vibrant. Yet, they and their residents and businesses must work together to form the pieces of the greater whole.

Simply put, it’s the people and places that make a truly fantastic city. Within the heart of Kansas City is Country Club ... more.

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Kansas City Loft District - Kansas City Brings Loft Spaces to Life.

If you think the Midwest lacks culture, a sense of style and an eye for fine arts, think again. Kansas City aims to bust that myth by embracing and adoring the arts while maintaining a strong sense of self, true to its Midwestern roots. ... more.

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Overland Park Apartments and Community Information - Johnson County Lifestyles

If the call of a whip-poor-will in the evening is your idea of heaven, then the communities that make up North Johnson County, Kansas, will certainly draw your attention.

Though conveniently located within easy driving distance of downtown Kansas City, Missouri, North Johnson County is a world onto itself. Known for its wide open spaces and reverence for the great outdoors, North Johnson County is home to acres and acres of protected parkland. And while its many little cities are home to thousands of residents, great shopping, fantastic restaurants and a bevy of historic sites, the county is also shared ... more.

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Small Cities Make Up the South Kansas City Landscape

If South Kansas City had a theme, it would be small town America. Close knit and rich with history, the communities that make up the South Kansas City area are quite small in comparison with their larger neighbor. With the exception of Kansas City proper’s southern section, all the communities with the South Kansas City area are freestanding municipalities. Each is distinct. Each is unique. Each has its own draws that make people want to live within them, work within them and even spend their vacation time within their boundaries. But, each also lends their presence in making the Greater Kansas City ... more.

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East Jackson County on the Missouri Side in Kansas City Exudes Midwestern Charm

Playing country mouse to their larger neighbor’s city mouse, the towns in Jackson County’s eastern portion offer residents an atmosphere for living that conjures images of days gone by when front-porch chats were the norm and community festivals were the things folks spent all year looking forward to. Although they hang on tightly to their small-town roots, each of East Jackson County’s cities offer an array of modern services that blend with their rich and vibrant histories. From organized parks departments to their own police forces and cities governments, the communities in East Jackson are designed for living, working and playing. ... more.

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Wyandotte County Where Fun And History Come Alive - Kansas City, Kansas.

If your wish list for a perfect community includes things like strong neighborhood atmosphere, proximity to the big city,” down-home feel, and tons of entertainment opportunities, Wyandotte County is the place for you. The home of the “other Kansas City,” Wyandotte County may live in Missouri’s shadow, but it’s not willing to lay down and ride on its neighbor’s coat tails. Loaded with great neighborhoods and tons of reasons to visit all on its own, Wyandotte is a dynamic county for working, playing and living. ... more.

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South Johnson County – A Hot Spot For Living In Kansas.

You might think you’ve left Kansas if you visit the communities that make up South Johnson County. This is clearly not Dorothy’s Kansas anymore!

The home of the new Sprint World Headquarters, some of the best schools in the state, and some of the best shopping, the towns and cities that come together to form South Johnson County are anything but backwoods and timeless. With hard-hitting employers, excellent schools and upscale establishments, South Johnson County is making a name for itself outside the distinction of its association with the greater Kansas City area. Comprised of Olathe, Stilwell, Leawood, Gardner and ... more.

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Arts, Entertainment and History Thrive in Downtown, Kansas City

Kansas City’s downtown is booming with a beat all its own as revitalization makes old become new again and investment is turning the area into a showpiece worthy of international envy. Downtown proper is home to the soon-to-open Kansas City Live!, a seven-square-block entertainment, office, retail and residential district that promises to bring some major excitement to the area. The multi-million district will house the new world headquarters for H&R Block, and will link downtown’s core office buildings, hotels, convention center, residential areas and attractions. ... more.

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Leavenworth, Kansas Delivers Historic Charm

It might be known as the home of the infamous federal penitentiary, but there’s a lot more to Leavenworth, Kansas, than meets the eye. The little city of about 35,000 people exudes a sense of history that runs deep. In fact, the city was Kansas’ first, having been founded in 1854, nearly 30 after the famous fort was created. ... more.

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