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Living in Kansas City – Big Town Living, Small Town Charm

If you’ve made the decision to call the Greater Kansas City area home, congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the best communities in the country for living, working and playing. With a metropolitan population that tops 1.8 million, Kansas City is considered America’s sixth largest city. But, don’t let the size fool you, Kansas City is truly the Heart of America, a big little city with tons of small town appeal.

Going by facts and figures alone, Kansas City sounds like a town a person can get lost in. After all, the metropolitan statistical area has roughly the same land size as the entire state of Connecticut. But, don’t worry, Kansas City is actually a bi-state metropolitan area that covers communities in both Missouri and Kansas, located at the junction of the Missouri and Kansas (Kaw) Rivers.

Think of it as a big puzzle with lots of little tight-knit communities coming together to make the individual pieces. With 11 counties and 136 unique cities making up the quilt, Kansas City offers something for everyone. Some of the primary geographical areas within Kansas City include Kansas City North, Plaza/Westport, Kansas City Loft District, South Kansas City, East Jackson County, North Johnson County, South Johnson County and Wyandotte County.

Those who call the greater Kansas City area home, know the area is renowned for its educated population, its natural beauty, mild climate, wonderful entertainment options, some of the best shopping west of New York City and much, much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that make Kansas City such a fantastic place to call home!

Culture/ Entertainment – Thriving In Kansas City

When it comes to things to do, sights to see and the arts, few places in the United States can boast all Kansas City packs into its greater metropolitan area. From auto racing to amusement parks, live entertainment and more, the area is simply alive with activity.

For younger residents and tourists, Kansas City is a fantasyland just waiting to be explored. With amusement parks such as World of Fun, offering one of the country’s best-rated roller coasters, to water sports at Oceans of Fun, to the zoo and more, there’s no shortage of activities for youngsters.

Explore America’s true roots by visiting Native American sites and museums. The area is also home to herds of wild bison, elks and more, if you choose to tour the countryside.

Music lovers will feel like a kid in a candy store with all the offerings within Kansas City. From the smooth stylings of jazz to classical ensembles, there’s never a dull moment in Kansas City. Add to that a host of professional and amateur theater companies, and the myth the Midwest is void of culture is busted wide open! Art museums, historic sites, a nationally recognized Renaissance Festival and more also make up the quilt that is Kansas City. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is just one destination in the museum line up, which includes such diverse offerings as galleries dedicated to steamboats, baseball, toys and more.

Top off a tour of the Kansas City area by visiting the race way, jazz clubs or even one of the city’s many riverboat casinos and you’re sure to find out why Kansas City is home to so many and a favorite travel destination for tourists!

Dining Out – You’ll Never Go Hungry In Kansas City!

After you’ve taken in Kansas City’s many sights, settle down for some of the world’s best dining. The city is ranked number three nationally in the number of restaurants. With so many choices, a person would be hard-pressed to pick a style of cuisine that can’t be found within the area’s boundaries!

From steaks to world-class gourmet cuisine and ethnic flavors, Kansas City literally has it all. Some of the city’s most famous eateries include Milano, a pasta and pizza eatery with a traditional brick oven; The American Restaurant, the area’s only four-star restaurant is renowned for its elegant dining with a view to boot; Café Apanaire, which offers French flavors at reasonable prices; The Cheesecake factory and more! And while virtually every cuisine imaginable can be found within Kansas City, the area is famous for its rib-sticking, mouth-watering barbecue. Dozens of barbecue restaurants dot the area’s landscape and it’s not often a month goes by without a major cook-off competition sponsored by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. With so many choices, even the most finicky of eaters will delight in all the culinary offerings Kansas City serves up!

Shopping – Variety And Style On Sale

When it comes to shopping, Kansas City is no slouch. Within the Greater Kansas City area, those with a penchant to bust out their wallets will find just about anything their hearts desire. From open-air markets and enclosed malls to upscale theme shopping centers, Kansas City is a shopper’s paradise.

Residents and visitors alike mingle in the artistic beauty of Country Club Plaza, an outdoor museum of Spanish-style architecture and art. Designed in 1922 as the United States’ first suburban shopping district, this crowning jewel of Kansas City still thrives with a public art gallery, plenty of shopping, fountains and out-of-this-world eateries.

Those with a love for the great outdoors will delight in browsing the offerings of City Market’s open-air vendors. Add to that a small-town flair found in the famous shops of Lawrence, Kansas, and those looking to shop ‘til they drop won’t be disappointed in the many unique offerings the Greater Kansas City area has to provide!

Education – Excellence From ABC’s To Ph.D’s

Settling down in the Greater Kansas City area is never a gamble for families concerned about education. The city is considered one of America’s smartest and is known for its top-notch institutes of higher learning.With approximately 20 universities and colleges in the Greater Kansas City area including the University of Missouri, the University of Kansas, Avila College and the Kansas City Art Institute, there is absolutely no shortage of places to pursue higher learning.

When it comes to public education, the Greater Kansas City area boasts more than 90 individual school districts serving its many residents.

With so much to do, and so much to see, the Greater Kansas City area is considered one of the best places in America to settle down. With its Midwestern feel coupled with metropolitan advantages such as institutes of higher learning, museums and cultural events, the region is truly alive and waiting to be explored.Those living in Kansas City can start the day working in one of the metropolitan areas, visit some of the world’s best restaurants and museums and top it all off for a drive in the country and maybe even spot a wild elk along the way.

Few places in this country compare and that’s exactly why more than 1.8 million call the Greater Kansas City area home.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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