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The Inspiration Behind Kansas City Premier Apartments - Tiffany's Contribution

If you go by the day I first registered the URL "www.kcpremierapts.com", Kansas City Premier Apartments was officially born on November 9th 2001, the website that is.
Throughout the last 6 years, Kansas City Premier Apartments has went through 3 very distinct website design updates, the last one - the most major and the new face Kansas City Premier Apartments will wear for many years to come.

While the face of the internet seems to have many clones, it became apparent early on that Kansas City Premier Apartments needed an identity that would make it shine above the other rental sites. We wanted to create a "user experience". I started with inspiration.
I would like to credit the website that inspired my vision for what I wanted Kansas City Premier Apartments to become.


The website now looks very different than the original site that was originally so pleasing but many of the elements still remain on the subpages of the site. I encourage you to visit the Altoids site for a great retro vintage experience.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone that added to Kansas City Premier Apartments. Even just an opinion - helped build our user experience. We have to mention that several designers/css programmers ended up wasting tons of our time and money, but without the others that we have mentioned in the credits section, we would not be here. Take Ben Jordan for instance...he had to rewrite all of the broken CSS code we were left with by a "CSS Programmer" that we found here locally who stopped responding as soon as he was paid. We found throughout this process that there are many more people willing to take our money and run than there are honest, reputable designers that actually have skill and integrity.

On that note... Kansas City Premier Apartments is done! So, now it's on to bigger sites that who knows - maybe you might see us if your ever looking to move to Chicago, Atlanta or Dallas!

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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