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A Big Thank You to Brad Lark For His Layout Contribution to Kansas City Premier Apartments

A word from Tiffany...
I wanted to take a moment and recognize Brad Lark by giving him an honorable mention for taking control of the scattered bits and pieces of www.kcpremierapts.com I was left with after a terrible experience with a local web design firm. Our website was literally in pieces and Brad was the glue to bring them all together. Thanks again Brad!

A few words from Brad Lark...
Brad Lark is a 1994 graphic design graduate from the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, and proudly displays the official diploma in his den. Since then, he's been busy as a full-time employee of a digital multimedia design firm, and has become even busier as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, musician, and the favorite ... a Dad.

Lastly ... a gigundous thanks to Miss Tiffany Lewis for the opportunity to work on the KCPA site. Best of luck with everything, T!

You can visit Brad Lark's website at:www.blark.com

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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