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The Inspiration Behind Kansas City Premier Apartments - Tiffany's Contribution

If you go by the day I first registered the URL "www.kcpremierapts.com", Kansas City Premier Apartments was officially born on November 9th 2001, the website that is.
Throughout the last 6 years, Kansas City Premier Apartments has went through 3 very distinct website design updates, the last one - the most major and the new face Kansas City Premier Apartments will wear for many years to come. ... more.

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The Wonderful Illustration Talents of Simon Scales

A word from Tiffany...
How could Kansas City Premier Apartments be what it is without Simon! Simon has to be the most patient illustrator known to man. Each illustrated banner on the website had a very concise theme which I concepted. You do not realize how hard it is to convey your thoughts to someone else. Yet alone someone that lives in Australia and whom you only communicate with via instant messenger. Simon is by far the most talented illustrator I have ever worked with. He took painstaking measures to ensure each illustration conveyed exactly what I concepted. Simon has been ... more.

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Ryan Gran - No Website Can Be Successful Without A Great Systems Administrator

It is hard to not be partial to Ryan, after all - he is my not only my business partner, he is my fiance'. Ryan has continued to be a pillar of support when it comes to Kansas City Premier Apartments. We founded Kansas City Premier Apartments in December of 2003 and we have been growing since. ... more.

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A Big Thank You to Brad Lark For His Layout Contribution to Kansas City Premier Apartments

A word from Tiffany...
I wanted to take a moment and recognize Brad Lark by giving him an honorable mention for taking control of the scattered bits and pieces of www.kcpremierapts.com I was left with after a terrible experience with a local web design firm. Our website was literally in pieces and Brad was the glue to bring them all together. Thanks again Brad! ... more.

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