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Kansas City Plaza Apartments Give You Urban Freedom!

When it comes to famous locations, Kansas City has its share, but few are as well known as Country Club Plaza. This world famous community was designed in the 1920s to be the country’s first suburban shopping district, but it’s grown to be much more.

As the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City took off, so too did the neighborhoods that surround it. Today, residents of Kansas City will find the areas of Westport, Midtown and Brookside surrounding this distinct district and those on the hunt for Kansas City apartments or home rentals will find the area is rich with possibilities.

Living in the Plaza area of Kansas City comes with some major advantages, too. This central location in Kansas City puts renters right in the thick of things with easy access to the Plaza, its shops, restaurants, clubs, fountains, sculptures and more.

When it comes to architectural appeal, the Plaza in Kansas City is a shining star. The streets and sidewalks within this district are designed to give off a European park feel with their statues and trees. Sightseers can take in some of the city’s most famous statues here, including one of Winston Churchill and also see replicas of the Giralda Tower and the Seville Light.

Kansas City Plaza Apartments available in the Country Club Plaza district give renters a lot of choice. Here, those looking for Kansas City apartments or home rentals will find everything from homes and condos to more traditional apartment complexes and even restored and renovated historic buildings. The beauty of Kansas City apartments within this area is the fact many come with quite a view of some of the city’s most well known landmarks, while affording residents the ability to take in the sights or just take a leisurely stroll any time they wish.

If proximity to shopping, the urban highlife, the University of Missouri Kansas City, The Art Institute and more is your desire, The Country Club Plaza is the place to look for your next Kansas City Plaza Apartment.

by Tiffany Lewis, Kansas City Premier Apartments, Inc.

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