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Unusual Kansas City Facts - Facts about Kansas City, Missouri

Because Kansas City is such a great place to live, it’s no wonder so many people have lived in Kansas City. From interesting facts about Walt Disney to Jesse James, many people and historic events have happened here. Take a few minutes and maybe discover something you didn't know about Kansas City! ... more.

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Learning the Kansas City Transportation - Options to get Around Kansas City.

If you’re new to Kansas City, you might find the size a little overwhelming at first. Getting to know an area that includes more than 1.8 million residents, 11 counties and 136 distinct cities can be a little intimidating. Don’t fret though! America’s sixth largest size is really a small town at heart. ... more.

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Tales of Two Cities - Kansas City - The Heartland of America

Navigating the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area can be a little difficult. The real trickiness lies in the fact there are technically two Kansas Cities – Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri. But, when you take a look at the region, it’s not all that tough to decipher. Kansas City might include a state line that separates it, but it’s really one big region at heart. ... more.

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Greater Kansas City Area Tax Information - Questions & Answers.

The Greater Kansas City Area is a wonderful place within which to live and work. Spanning two state lines, covering 11-plus counties and having more than 136 incorporated cities makes for some wonderful choices for employment and living, but what about the taxes? ... more.

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